Fire Warden

Duration: 1 day

This one day course provides delegates with a theoretical and practical understanding of the typical functions of a fire warden or marshal within a workplace, providing detailed information on how fires start and propagate within buildings, as well as the development and implementation of evacuation procedures. It is suitable for anyone with responsibilities for assisting with emergency evacuation, including fire co-ordinators, wardens or marshals; health and safety representatives; and supervisors/managers with fire-related health and safety responsibilities.

What to expect:

By the end of the course delegates will have a understanding of:

  • The main elements of a fire risk and common causes of workplace fires
  • The different classes of fire and how smoke and fire spreads through a building
  • The types of portable fire extinguishers and their use in emergencies
  • The requirements of the Fire (Scotland) Act 2005 and its application in their working environment
  • The function and roles of a workplace Emergency Response Team
  • The factors to be considered when developing emergency evacuation procedures
  • The planning and delivery of simulated emergency evacuations (e.g. fire drills) and the development of evaluation and debriefing procedures

How to stay up to date:

Whilst Fire Warden training does not have a set duration of validity, a critical component in its effectiveness is how often the delegate uses the training (e.g. being involved in regular drills). The course should be repeated when there is reason to believe the delegates knowledge and skills no longer meets the needs of the employer, however, we recommend refreshing training every three years.